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Exadata Model Comparison

Posted by Vishal Gupta on Jun 19, 2011

Many times i find myself comparing various Oracle Exadata models. It becomes tedious to compare various data sheets for various Exadata models. So i have put together this spreadsheet (Exadata Model Comparison) for comparing various models in one glance.

It gives following details and more.

  • At Exadata level,
    • number/model of compute nodes and cell nodes.
    • number of Infiniband switches and their port count.
    • Key capabilities ( as per data sheets)
  • For each database compute node and cell node.
    • Server Model
    • CPU Type, CPU Speed, CPU Cores, CPU Threads
    • RAM
    • Network ports – type and count
    • Flash RAM (Smart Cache)
    • Disk types

I hope someone will find it useful.

Exadata Model Comparison Spreadsheet – link


5 Responses to “Exadata Model Comparison”

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  2. Pranav said

    The lick for the excel file is not working. Can you please re-load the file?

  3. Pranav said

    sorry about the typo (lick). meant it to be “link”

  4. Pranav,

    I have fixed the link.

  5. Sanjay said

    This is excellent. Seems like it has been a while since it has been updated. Vishal, this is a great work, to make it useful for others, if you can update it, it will be real helpful.

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