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Exadata – Critical Bug

Posted by Vishal Gupta on Nov 5, 2011

Following issue has been identified in Exadata Storage Server software patch It only affects compute node minimal pack on X2-2 and X2-8 racks sporting a 10GigE network ports. It does not affect the V1 or V2 models as they dont have 10GigE network ports. For more information please refer to MOS Note 1348647.1

Critical Issues Discovered Post-Release

1) Bug 13083530 – 10Gb Ethernet network interfaces shut down unexpectedly.

For environments configured with 10GigE Ethernet for the database server hosts running Oracle Linux, do NOT apply the minimal pack to the database server hosts. A loss of connectivity problem for 10GigE was reported and confirmed. An update on this will be available soon and will be published as an update to the patch README and the corresponding patch MOS Note. Customers who are not already running with on their compute nodes are recommended to applying the minimal pack (available in Patch 12849110) until further updates are available.

Apply the cell patch as usual. The cells do not use 10GigE. It is supported to run with the latest version on the cells together with an earlier minimal pack release.



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  1. […] (1348647.1) with a handful of critical issues.  First, there is an issue mentioned by Vishal Gupta here regarding 10 gigabit ethernet on the database servers.  Currently, there is no workaround for this […]

  2. Très bon article, j’en discuterai dans la journée avec des potes

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