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  1. Hi Vishal-

    I have seen some of Oracle whitepapers regarding cloning with Oracle 10gR2 clusterware, and rdbms. I have seen some of your sample scripts regarding the same.

    How is the clone process different in 11gR2 for clusterware, ASM and RDBMS? Have you had any experience with it? I have been following chapter 4 of Cluster Install and Deployment guide of 11gR2 but so far, I have not been able to clone the cluster.

    Any suggestion/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    • Viral,

      Yes, i have written scripts in past to clone 10gR2/11gR1 clusterware, ASM and RDBMS. I am just curious to know where did you see those scripts. Process between 10gR2/11gR1 and 11gR2 will be *lot* different. RAC Clusterware has changed drastically from 11gR2 onwards.

      Following are some (and many more) of the changes in 11gR2 :-
      – OCR and Voting disk are stored inside ASM now, instead of being on separate disks.
      – SCAN listener is introduced, which was not there earlier.
      – Server pool are introduced in 11gR2.
      – CTSS (Cluster Time Synchronization Service) has been introduced in 11gR2.

      I have tried cloning the 11gR2 clusterware yet. But may be i will do that one day, once i manage to find some time.


      • I cannot recall where I saw your script, but somewhere it appeared on google search. I don’t have the URL at the moment; Your approach pretty much looked like it followed the Oracle white papers of cloning clusterware and ASM homes.

        I was mainly referring to 10g method from Oracle white paper, but the method has changed significantly when compared to the deployment guide of CRS in 11gR2.

        I will continue to look into it, but since you had done some work, I thought of checking with you first before I dive into it..


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