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SQL Scripts

Following table is under construction, it gives brief description of all the scripts and what they do.


All my Oracle sqlscripts can be found at this link which gives directory listing of all the files


Script Name Description
tbs.sql Tablespace Usage Report
logswitchsize.sql Redo Log Switch Size History by Hour and Day
logswitchfreq.sql Redo Log Switch Frequency History by Hour and Day




4 Responses to “SQL Scripts”

  1. Anuradha said

    Hi Vishal, Thanks for sharing scripts, in link the zip with name is corrupted it seems, can you please upload un-corrupted version

    – Anuradha

  2. Prateek said

    Am not able to download the scripts as mentioned over the link. Can you please put the scripts over there.

  3. Hi Vishal,

    From which location I will get scripts, as the link provided by you its not working.. Might be its because of site maintenance. Please help !!

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